Zó Limited Company

Zó is a social enterprise with the mission of preserving and developing Dó paper – a traditional kind of handmade paper of Vietnam.

Appearing in Vietnam in XIII century, Dó paper is manufactured through a painstaking process consisting up to 100 steps. It is renowned for being very durable and resilient, with a subtly textured surface. While having a lot of cultural and historical significance, the practice of making Dó paper is at risk of being lost as modern society continues to lose touch with traditional culture. 

We want to infuse contemporary soul into ancient material by promoting creativity with a variety of products made from Do paper, which can be used in both the most practical and artistic of applications. We are also organizing events and workshops that familiarize younger generations with Do.  Our ultimate objective is to bring back Do as a major feature of traditional handmade craft work in Vietnam. We hope to reinvigorate traditional Do practices with contemporary uses of this timeless craft. 

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